Perfect White Divine

Perfect White Divine
Exceptionally white radiant skin from the power of nature’s super extracts

Experience the ultimate white radiant skin with non-abrasive procedures that will not damage your skin layers with “Perfect White Divine”. The program feeds the skin with superb extracts from all over the world such as mulberry root, pitera, barley rice, arbutin, and cactus. Coupled with the uniqueness of patented I-Firm technology from USA, its products boosts absorption of the nutrients to the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) within 5 seconds. Working along with Suisse Program Platinum Precious Line, a premium product from Switzerland, the extract is rich with platinum minerals in the perfect temperature, which helps rejuvenate the skin deep down to the DNA level, making way for a firmer and more radiant skin. Your skin will receive all of nature’s best, as Infusion, a facial beauty instrument from USA, pushes the nutrients into the skin with the wave of “Electro-Mesotheraphy non Needle,” which can open skin cells at the molecular level of more than 1,000,000 cells at a meretime of 0.01 seconds, with anti-return system of important nutrients to ensure all skin cells get maximum nourishment.
Get that supple, healthy and radiant skin with “Perfect White Divine” in only 60 minutes at Phillip Wain only.

Perfect White Divine

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